Bicycle navigation from Bosch put to the test

EThe main difference between the two on-board computers that Bosch introduced for the 2021 season is their connectivity as well as their size. The smaller device called Kiox needs a connection to a smartphone to navigate. The larger Nyon can also be connected to a smartphone, but it also works completely independently as a navigation device. Both devices are also the cockpit with multifunction display for an electric bike with Bosch drive.

To put it briefly: The Kiox (around 190 euros), which was tried out on a mountain bike for around 500 kilometers, was not really warm. However, this is a personal judgment, shaped by many years of experience with the Nyon. The Kiox has the advantages of compactness and low weight in itself. Nevertheless, it is easy to read, fulfills its tasks as a user interface for the drive and reliably guides the driver with a highly stylized display – as long as the phone in the jersey pocket knows where it is. If you get into shadowing, navigation is over. It would be less tragic if the display and smartphone were to make contact with each other again as quickly as possible. But that is exactly what has been a problem several times.


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