Biden, a leader outside America in a collapse of confidence within the country

The defeat of the Democrats in Virginia it was more than a wake-up call. It was for the Biden administration and above all for the President himself almost like a slow toll of a death knell.

Joe Biden’s popularity data, which in January was 57%, are merciless and worrying. The latest Gallup poll, considered by political observers to be a kind of Bible, they damage the 42% today’s Democrat rating.

A figure that ranks second among the worst image performances of a president. The first holds it firmly Donald Trump which, in the darkest moments of his presidency, managed to reach 37%.

But the comparison with the other presidents, those considered “normal”, is really worrying. Barack Obama, for example, between 2009 and 2016, in the same period, it had 52% of support e George W. Bush 88%, between 2001 and 2009, immediately after the terrorist attacks on the Twin Towers.

It is normal for the “honey moon”, the honeymoon of the new president to drop but in the case of Biden we are witnessing a real collapse. The 15 points lost arise from the end of trust in him by the independents.

A year ago, after an electoral phase marked by a fight between the two candidates with no holds barred and a very high and never seen turnout, Biden had managed to beat an incredulous and angry Donald Trump. A Trump who, immediately after the never accepted result, he said “Winning is always easy, losing is not. Not for me”.

Biden now has two images, one on the outside and one on the inside. The one on the outside is still good with its multilateralism policies, in support of the global choices on the climate, those on tariffs, in short, an image of a politician who wants to collaborate with the world and above all cancel all the choices made by his predecessor. In Rome and Glasgow, he was a true leader. It G-20 in fact, for example, it endorsed its global minimum tax of 15% and supported the commitment to reduce methane gas. Inside, however, the situation is practically the opposite. Biden has to pay for the bad impression he made with the dramatic withdrawal from Afghanistan and the near-paralysis of all his stellar measures to revive the American economy and social policies. Its popularity among Democrats declined, but slightly, from 98% to 92%, a little more among Republicans, from 11% to 4%, but the sharp decline was among the independent. These Americans have lost faith in their President. At the beginning of the year they were 61% in favor, now only 43%,

What are the reasons?

First of all, as mentioned, the withdrawal from Afghanistan. And then the ambitious welfare projects that the Democrat had to heavily downsize by reducing the initial investment of 3.5 trillion dollars to the current 1.75 in 10 years. And this cut also brings with it the blocking of the vote of the most progressive demos in voting on the ambitious plan on infrastructural investments until the social is revised.

In short, a real swamp and above all a continuous electoral campaign. In truth, what is happening is that Joe Biden has managed to erase many symbols of the Trump era (the wall with Mexico, the exit from the Climate Agreement, the veto on transgender people in the military) but he has not succeeded. to change the balance of power in Congress, which is indispensable for passing its reforms.

The mid-term elections are approaching and Donald Trump’s shadow becomes increasingly unwieldy.


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