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After a year of unbridled anti-Trumpian activism, a commitment that had even led him to take a break from writing for the first time, Don Winslow has resumed work on a novel, another detective story, like the ones that have sold millions of copies around the world. . Meanwhile in Italy it has just been published Last night in Manhattan (Einaudi), written 25 years ago and yet still relevant. “There are several similarities with today’s political situation,” explains alCourier serviceWinslow, 67, who – as he demonstrates every day on Twitter – has by no means abandoned activism. “I wish the battle was over, but it’s not,” he says. “The far right, the white supremacists who attacked the Capitol and the Republicans who allowed it are the greatest threat to the United States.”

In the summer he claimed that something had broken in America. Do you already feel that things have been changing since Joe Biden was elected?
“Yup. Now we have adults and professionals in charge, who don’t think only of themselves ».

Do you think Americans feel safer in dealing with the pandemic?
“The polls say yes. Unlike Trump, Biden is telling the truth, and then he has a plan. He will certainly encounter obstacles: his predecessor did not cooperate, and he had to start from scratch ».

What do you expect from Biden’s first 100 days? How will he fix the country?
“They will be very difficult, especially due to the sheer negligence and deliberate sabotage of his predecessor. However, we have already seen a vast increase in vaccinations and a drop in the infection rate. Biden will have to address the health crisis and provide financial support to those affected by the pandemic. We must then take concrete steps towards racial equality, and repair our international relations ».

How can the wound of January 6th be overcome?
«It will take a long time to heal it, it will take an examination of conscience. The failed impeachment was a start: the Americans were able to hear the truth. It was a real coup attempt, and in the end the country is realizing it. I think the Republicans will pay: they have already started, losing the White House, the House and the Senate ».

At this point, wouldn’t it be better to turn the page and stop thinking about Trump?
“It’s an attractive hypothesis, and I’d love to, but if we put it all under the rug, it’ll happen again.”

Is it possible that Trump gave America a greater awareness of its limitations, ultimately helping to make it better?
“It’s an interesting hypothesis, but we’ve had over half a million deaths, a coup, children locked in cages on the Mexican border, a tattered reputation. There is no chance that, after the passage of this pathetic despot, the country has become better. But yes, it is as if he had rubbed his face within our limits, forcing us to examine our conscience. Maybe in the end something good will come out of it ».

It’s been 9 months since George Floyd’s death. How can Biden deal with the resulting crisis?
«Racial inequalities arise from the fear of whites of being” replaced “: they see the country changing and are frightened by it. However, we must accept that the ideals of American democracy have not been granted to everyone equally. Biden has already stopped supporting the supremacists, he has already chosen the most multiracial administration in our history. And he must have noticed: his deputy is a black woman. “

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