Biden denies Xi Jinping’s rejection of US-China summit

by time news

US President Joe Biden, in a conversation with reporters, called it wrong to report to the Financial Times (FT) that Chinese President Xi Jinping rejected his offer to meet in person, Reuters reports. The agency does not quote Mr. Biden, and it is unclear from his post whether Mr. Biden made such an offer.

Earlier today, the FT, citing sources, reported that Xi Jinping, in response to the American president’s proposal, insisted that Washington soften its rhetoric against China. Sources of the newspaper associated the refusal with, among other things, the coronavirus pandemic, since the President of the PRC did not make foreign visits after it began.

Earlier, US National Security Adviser Jake Sullivan called the FT’s information untrue. “This is an incorrect description of the telephone conversation. Point “, – his words are quoted in the updated version of the article. The author of the note, Demetri Sevastopulo, wrote in Twitterthat the publication “stands firm in its coverage.”


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