Biden estimated the damage to the United States from natural disasters in 2021 at $ 100 billion

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Damage to the United States from natural disasters in 2021 will exceed a record $ 100 billion, said US President Joe Biden. Last year, the United States suffered $ 99 billion in damage from natural disasters. Mr. Biden blamed climate change as the cause of natural disasters.

The President of the United States delivered a speech in Colorado on the infrastructure modernization program he initiated. “Extreme weather conditions cost America $ 99 billion last year … And this year the record will be broken, (damage.— “B”) will be over $ 100 billion. We know what is driving: climate change. And we know what is causing climate change: human activities, ”said Joe Biden, quoted by the White House press service.

In late August, Hurricane Ida struck the US state of Louisiana, and later rains fell on the US East Coast. The authorities in New York, New Jersey and Pennsylvania have already entered a state of emergency. The hurricane that caused the floods killed more than 40 people.


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