Biden forgets about migrant rhetoric and completes Trump’s wall

Resounding: Biden resumes construction of Trump’s anti-migrant wall

Commercial protectionism? Done. Foreign policy driven by pragmatism on some dictatorships while forgetting the rhetoric on human rights? Done, with Venezuela or Saudi Arabia. To Joe Biden it was practically only necessary to forget the traditional positions on migrants to complete the transformation into a sort of Donald Trump. Not in manners or ways, of course, but much more in actions. And then the missing piece (it should be said) is built, as well as the wall designed by Trump on the border with Mexico.

During the election campaign, Biden promised that as president he would build “not another meter” of the border wall. But faced with the record number of migrants continuing to arrive at America’s southern border with Mexico, he has quietly reversed course, agreeing to fill some obvious gaps left when he abruptly halted construction of the wall on his first day in office. . By remaining silent on the construction of the wall, Biden did not want to anticipate the decision and risk alienating supporters who associate the border wall with Trump.

Recent hurricanes will exacerbate the looming food crisis in the Caribbean and further fuel migration. From last October to the end of August, border officials met with migrants about 2.2 million times at the southern border. with an increase of about a quarter compared to the previous year and more than double the number of meetings in the fiscal year 2019.

The nature of the arrivals has also changed. While migrants once came mainly from Mexico and Central America, now large numbers of Cubans, Venezuelans and Nicaraguans arrive. In August, Venezuelans overtook Guatemalans and Hondurans as the second nationality encountered at the border, after the Mexicans. Tense diplomatic relations with the despotic governments of Venezuela, Cuba and Nicaragua make it difficult to send people home, and many are released to America.

To reveal Biden’s game, however, was Mark Kelly, a Democratic senator in the running for re-election in Arizona. Kelly says he deserves credit for “pushing the Biden administration to fill the gaps in the barrier” on Arizona’s border with Mexico and boasts of helping to secure a billion dollars in border security. She co-sponsored a bipartisan bill in the Senate to help recruit and retain more border agents and give them a raise.

Kelly needs to break the White House silence on the wall because Republican challenger Blake Masters made the Democrats mismanagement of the border a milestone of his campaign, as the Economist explains. And that seems to be working, as the most recent polls show a roughly six point lead over Masters.

The resumed operations will range from repairing gates and roads to filling the gaps in the wall left after the pause in work imposed by Biden in January 2021, explains The Intercept. The wall’s environmental damage was particularly acute in southern Arizona, where CBP used explosives to blow up vast protected areas – including sacred Native American burials and unique wildlife habitats. High taboo that Biden seems ready, indeed very ready, to overcome.

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