Biden from the oval office claims the successes of the economy. Do you want to forget the fall? –

Biden from the oval office claims the successes of the economy.  Do you want to forget the fall? –

2023-06-03 03:26:57

Of Viviana Mazza

The president spoke from the White House. Was it an attempt to make people forget the incident on Thursday evening?

WASHINGTON – In his first address to the nation since Oval Officewith photos of his family behind him, the President Joe Biden he claimed the victory achieved with the pass of the debt ceiling agreementjust in time to avoid the default expected by Tesoro this monday.

Il Bipartisan Budget Agreement saw rapid approval al Senate Thursday evening with 63 votes (44 Democrats, 17 Republicans and two independents) against 36, after the day before the passage to the Camera controlled by Republicans thanks to a broad bipartisan coalition. Shortly before, Biden had also celebrated i labor market data which show that US employment remains solid. Despite the aggressive rate hike campaign by the Fedin May were created 339 thousand jobs, beyond the expectations of analysts who bet on 195 thousand. Today a good day for our economy. My plan is working. Over 13 million in 28 months is more jobs than any president has created in a full 4-year term.

Presidents often use it Oval Office for speeches about war, the economic crisis, natural disasters. Instead Biden did it to announce that he had avoided the crisis and economic collapse and emphasize that he is a leader who knows how to reach difficult compromises. As I said at my inauguration: without unity there is no peace; only resentment and fury. We cannot become such a country.

L’agreement which suspends the debt ceiling helps him promise that the economy will continue to grow, focal point of campaign for his re-election. But at the same time Biden assures that he will continue to fight for the priorities of the Democratic party and claims to have defended thesocial and medical assistance as well as the investments of the plan for infrastructure and forclean energy. The decision to give his first address to the nation on Friday evening, knowing that few would follow him on TV, is also seen as a way to turn the page on at the incident on Thursday evening which brought attention back to his age. After standing for an hour and a half shaking hands with 921 cadets at the US Air Force Academy graduation in Colorado, Biden stumbled on a sandbag that was on the stage to support the lectern.

The fall, taken on video, was shared on social and appeared on the websites of American newspapers and on the opening night on that of the BBC. The Washington Post remember that Biden is not the first leader (of any age) to slip: Obama happened climbing the stairs in 2012, Gerald Ford fell from the stairs of the’Air Force One in 1975; the long list, from Xi Jinping to Fidel Castro (the photographer Cristbal Herrera Ulashkevich was exiled from Cuba for immortalizing the episode). Right-wing commentators accused the media of censoring the episode, the third in a year. In the polls the majority of Americans expresses worry for Biden’s age, even if the doctor of White House he said he was fit for the post despite a stiffened gait from spinal wear and nerve damage in his feet. Trump, 76, while calling it something he doesn’t inspire, didn’t rage too much, reminding a rally that he too risks falling off a ramp and the media questioned his health.

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