Biden: “I’m tired and I want to go to bed.” Sleepy Joe drops in the polls

Biden: “I’m tired and I want to go to bed.”  Sleepy Joe drops in the polls

2023-09-19 08:48:00

USA, Biden is no longer liked even by his own. His popularity has dropped to 42%

The US presidential elections they get closer and the revenge that lies ahead Biden e Trump does not leave them alone Americans. The incumbent president is in free fall in the polls and they certainly don’t help son Hunter’s legal troubles which could destroy it. On the other side there is the Republican grappling with a series of trials that risk cancel your candidacy. But what is most worrying at the moment is the current occupant of the White House. About ten days ago – we read in Il Messaggero – Biden participated in the G20 in India and on his way home he stopped to visit a military base in Alaska to commemorate the September 11th massacre. With just one sentence Biden was able to destroy in the eyes of millions of Americans the image of a active and effective leader: admitted to being tired and “wanting to go to bed“.

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The Biden’s popularity – continues Il Messaggero – it is collapsed. The latest polls indicate that approval towards him it’s just 42%had even dropped to 37, rising slightly only after the request of Impeachment advanced by the Republicans. The Dems wanted to give him their support but the numbers speak for themselves. A overwhelming majority within his party he clearly says that he shouldn’t run again, 67% of the Democrats are against. The narrative about Biden is now set in stone, the demand for throw in the towel.

A further complicate the picture the data provided by the Treasury arrives, the management Biden set a new record, but unfortunately for the US president it is a negative record. America’s gross debt exceeds 33,000 billion dollars for the first time. The announcement comes as the US government appears headed towards a new shutdown due to the lack of an agreement Congress on how to finance it. One more problem to face though Biden and an increasingly uphill race for his reconfirmation to the White House.

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