Biden promised to think about refusing to place weapons in Ukraine – RBC

The US authorities may consider refusing to place weapons in Ukraine, US President Joe Biden said during a press conference. The broadcast was hosted by the White House.

“Two Wishes [президента России Владимир Путин]: the first is that Ukraine will never join NATO, the second is that there will be no strategic weapons in Ukraine. We can work out something on the second point,” Biden said.

Earlier, he also noted that Ukraine’s accession to NATO in the near future is unlikely. The country should work on democracy. In addition, the decision to include it in the alliance must be made by all NATO members.

Biden said that the imminent entry of Ukraine into NATO is unlikely

In mid-December, the Russian Foreign Ministry sent Washington proposals on mutual security guarantees. This happened against the backdrop of Western media reports about a possible Russian “invasion” of Ukraine and exercises by the United States and its NATO allies in the Black Sea.


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