Biden promises independence from Covid: “All vaccinated by 4 July”

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“The fight is not over, we still have a lot of work to do” but “together, united, we can beat this pandemic and celebrate a slightly more normal 4th of July, gathering in small groups for this holiday”. In his address to the nation tonight, President Joe Biden sets an emblematic date, Independence Day, for the return to normal, thanks to the vaccination campaign. The White House anticipates this, indicating that the president will use his speech, which should last about 20 minutes, also to pay tribute to the Americans killed by the coronavirus, over 500,000.

Biden’s will be a message of hope, it was reported during a call by administration officials, and to indicate the way forward to return to this coveted normality. New vaccination centers will be created and the number of those who can administer the doses will be enlarged, including dentists, optometrists, veterinarians, medical students and many others. Biden will deploy another 4,000 military personnel for vaccinations and, above all, will order states to remove restrictions on people to be vaccinated, making vaccines available to all adults by May 1st.Thanks to the $ 1,900 billion aid plan approved yesterday by Congress , Biden’s first major legislative success, funds will be available to safely reopen schools and study new variants of Covid.

Usa: Biden, America is returning but the fight is not over

“America is returning” but “the fight is not over”. This is Joe Biden’s warning in his address to the nation on the pandemic. “I need you, the American people. I need every American to do their part,” the president said, urging them to remain vigilant, not to stop wearing masks, to respect social distancing. “If we do not remain vigilant and conditions change, we will be forced to reintroduce restrictions,” Biden warned in his speech one year after the coronavirus lockdown in America. “But please – he insisted – we don’t want to do it again”.

Usa: Biden condemns hate crimes against Asians for Covid

Joe Biden condemns the rise in hate crimes against Asian Americans as a result of the pandemic. “The vicious hate crimes against Asian Americans who have been harassed, blamed and used as a scapegoat” are “wrong, they are non-American and must be stopped,” he said in his address to the nation one year after the lockdown in America. .

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