Biden-Putin towards the thaw, negotiations on nuclear weapons open – “Even in times of tension … we can make progress“in the areas of common interest. So we read in joint declaration on strategic stability issued by Joe Biden and Vladimir Putin at the end of the Geneva bilateral.

The goal is to contain the risks of a nuclear war, it is specified in the declaration, to outline an agreement on arms control and for this reason “vigorous” talks between the US and Russia will continue “in the immediate future”.

Joe Biden downplayed the fact that the summit with Vladimir Putin lasted three hours and not four or five, as predicted by the White House. “We spoke only of the basic things – commented the president – of the fundamental issues. There were no threats. Just made sure that (Putin, ed) knew what our position is “.

The United States is ready to respond to a new cyber attack on American infrastructure by Russian hackers but I’m sure Vladimir Putin “doesn’t want a new Cold War”. President Joe Biden said, answering a reporter’s question.

“I pointed out to President Putin that we have enormous cyber capacity, and he knows it. I told him that if they violate the basic rules, we will respond.” Biden said he handed Putin a list with sixteen infrastructures to be kept out of the attacks. The president seemed confident. “I think the last thing he wants – he said, referring to Putin – is a cold war”.

Putin, they called us enemies and then helped opponents

The reason Russia has banned dissident organizations such as Aleksei Navalny’s is that these entities received US support after Washington called Moscow an enemy.

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This was explained by the Russian president, Vladimir Putin, at a press conference after meeting with his US colleague, Joe Biden.

“We heard the United States claim that Russia is an enemy and then we saw that the US had chosen to support these organizations, with the aim of stopping further development of Russia, “Putin said.

To a question from a journalist who asked him about the repression of some segments of the opposition defined as “extremists”, Putin replied that these organizations “incited revolt, urged minors to participate in demonstrations and collected personal police data”.

“We have seen what happened in the US with the Black Lives Matter movement, things we sympathize with, but we don’t want to see the same scenes in Russia,” Putin said.

Russian President Vladimir Putin said Joe Biden did not invite him to the White House.

Putin described the US president as a “very constructive” and “balanced” politician., “an experienced statesman” and, comparing him to his predecessor, stressed that “he is very different from Trump.”

Putin added however that the US president has “spoke of values” and therefore spoke “the same language” in their meeting.

The diplomats will return to their seats

The Russian ambassador to the United States, Anatoly Antonov, and the American ambassador to Russia, John Sullivan, will return to their offices, Moscow and Washington, and to their diplomatic tasks: the announcement was made by Russian President Vladimir Putin, at the end of his meeting. with his US counterpart, joe Biden, and it was the first concrete result of the face-to-face between the two leaders.

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“The conversation was absolutely constructive,” Putin told reporters, adding that the decision on the ambassadors was a small gesture to ease tensions.

The two diplomats had both remained in their home countries in recent months due to mounting tensions between Moscow and Washington.



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