Biden, refreshments and vaccinations revive the American economy

President Joe Biden has planned to use the $ 1.9 trillion Covid-19 bill, which is expected to pass in Congress on Wednesday, as a decisive platform to organize a generational transformation of the economy for the benefit of less affluent Americans, thereby alleviating , at the same time, poverty. Many analysts are convinced that the nearly $ 2 trillion put on the field will become a formidable booster for a renaissance of the American economy which is already beginning to give signs of a restart. Such strong signals that some economists fear it could trigger an inflationary spike that could overheat if there was a rapid exit from the pandemic.

The approval of a bill of this weight, after only two months of presidency, is certainly one victory of the strategy of the new president who has always declared that he wants to carry out his projects in an atmosphere of congressional collaboration. And this ok, in fact bipartisan, gives him a big plus point.

Biden in the electoral campaign had promised first of all to carry out a “monster” vaccination plan with 100 million Americans vaccinated in its first 100 days (and this goal is now achieved since before 94 million of the fateful 100 days were vaccinated), according to being able to send refreshments to millions of Americans and to secure money to finance the return of children to school. When he makes his first prime-time speech to the Americans tomorrow, he can argue that he has kept his word as he is fighting the final and decisive steps to win the pandemic that has killed more than 525,000 Americans.

“Leadership is important. Vaccinations have increased, infections have fallen, the $ 1,400” ad personam “survival checks are on the way, and this is just the beginning.”New York Congressman Hakeem Jeffries, chairman of the House Democratic caucus, said proudly.

With its tax credits for children and low-income workers, an extension of health insurance and nutritional and rental assistance subsidies, the American Rescue Plan is set to do more than just stimulate the economy. He wants to give a sign that the American economy has also become solidarity.

Bernie Sanders, the liberal senator from Vermont, hails it as a great victory for the progressive movement and the largest targeted relief for American workers in many years. Many of the provisions in the bill are short-term but the president is known to seek to make them permanent.

Starting off on the right foot is a must for any president and Joe Biden seems to have started his term without missing a beat.

The president’s grand opening bill passed in the Senate last weekend only after jaw-dropping negotiations to secure the crucial vote from moderate Democrat Joe Manchin. The president personally intervened to convince West Virginia using the experience of a long-time politician. The choice to intervene at the right time and in a measured way marks a return to more traditional political relations between opponents, forgotten in the previous administration.

While Manchin won concessions on the timing for unemployment benefits, he eventually voted on a liberal bill. On the Democratic side, progressives, critical of stopping the increase to the federal minimum wage to $ 15 an hour, have chosen to accept what has been achieved, postponing the battle to more appropriate times.

Of course, the difficulties for the new president are not over. Each time it will have to earn Republican support for major initiatives.

But the important thing for him and for America that the first steps were right. The data and economic and those on the pandemic are proving it.


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