The president of the United States Joe Biden signed the law designed to combat hate crimes against American citizens of Asian descent during a ceremony at the White House. “Silence is complicity and we cannot be accomplices. We have to denounce, we have to act, ”President Joe Biden said. “Whenever we remain silent we let hatred flourish,” Biden stressed, urging Americans to be united, as “one nation, one America”. The president demonstrated solidarity with Asian Americans who live in fear of being attacked because they are associated with the coronavirus, “the Chinese virus,” as Donald Trump called it. “I say it from the bottom of my heart – said President Joe Biden – hatred will not find safe havens in America”. The minority leader in the Senate, the Republican Mitch McConnell, he was “proud” to underline how this law was approved thanks to bipartisan support. For Biden, racism has poisoned the country. “I believe that there are simple founding values ​​on which we should be united as Americans – the president remarked – and one of these is to be united against hatred, against racism, the terrible poison that has long plagued and plagued the nation”.

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