Biden: There is not much knowledge about the new breed, we will drive carefully

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Entry of the new variant: US President Joe Biden said tonight (Saturday) that he is not worried about the declines in the capital markets following the discovery of the “Omicron” strain. He said his government was not considering new decisions regarding corona vaccines. “We do not know much about the new strain, other than that it is of great concern,” Biden said, adding, “I have decided to drive carefully.”

Panic from the unfamiliar Corona variant is already being felt in the field. So far, new species have been identified in South Africa, Botswana, Hong Kong, Belgium and Israel. EU countries, the United States, Australia and Brazil have announced the closure of their gates to foreign nationals from countries in the southern African continent.

New York State Gov. Katie Hawkle has declared a state of emergency caused by a disaster, amid a sharp rise in the number of patients and the number of patients hospitalized. The order, which takes effect Dec. 3, will allow the New York Department of Health to delay the execution of non-urgent medical procedures in hospitals, making it easier to purchase medical equipment quickly.

In the Netherlands, authorities said they had detected dozens of cases of infection among travelers coming to the country from South Africa. The infected, who came on two flights that landed at Schiphol Airport, were isolated at the port from the other passengers, it is not yet clear whether some of them are also infected with the Omicron strain. In Paris they announced the return of the obligation to wear masks in public places.

The name of the new strain was given yesterday by the World Health Organization based on a Greek letter and defined it as “worrying”, similar to the definition given to the Delta strain in its infancy. David Navarro, the World Health Organization’s envoy to the Corona issue, expressed concern, saying: “What should worry us are three changes – is the virus becoming more potent, more contagious and more resistant to vaccines? This strain seems to meet all three. We just do not. We still know everything for sure. “

Navarro went on to say: “I understand why the markets are worried. This is because the economic recovery we have seen in recent months has been amazing. But it has been based on the world continuing to overtake the virus. It seems that in recent days the virus is creeping up on us again.” South Africa reported yesterday a 258% jump in the number of infected compared to last week, 9.1% of the tests in the country – positive. Only 23% of the country’s population is vaccinated in two doses.

The country is trying to minimize the economic and image damage caused to it, in view of the cancellations of flights and bans on entering its citizens around the world. The South African health minister said at a press conference: “Cases of the strain found in Israel and Belgium prove – this is an international emergency. We must work together and not blame each other.”

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