Biden: “US GDP + 6% in 2021. China as global leader? Not with me”

United States President Joe Biden spoke in his first press conference since the day of the oath, touching on various topics: from the domestic economy to military programs, from vaccines to his reapplication in the 2024 elections, to relations with China.

“I was hired to solve problems, not to create divisions,” he began, promising progress on the reform front, from immigration to climate, despite opposition from Republicans. “I will go forward on these issues”, assured Biden, and then add that the Republican party must decide “whether to work with us or if he wants to divide the country”, even if he “will go ahead” with his agenda and his own. priorities. “My plan is to run for the presidency again in 2024,” with Kamala Harris in the ticket as vice president, he added.

On immigration he then declared that “nothing has changed” compared to the era of Donald Trump. “It happens every year”, commenting on the flow of immigrants pressing on the southern border.

Biden and the vaccine campaign in the United States

Regarding the vaccine plan, Biden clarified that the United States has reached the goal of administering 100 million doses in 58 days, initially set by the president for the first 100 days of his term. The new target is now to inoculate 200 million doses of the vaccine in 100 days. “It is an ambitious goal but I believe we can do it”. The president then stated that “no other country is on par with the US” in the vaccination campaign.

Biden: “US GDP + 6% in 2021 according to estimates”

The president said he was optimistic about US economic growth, citing estimates that GDP will increase by 6% in 2021. “As of yesterday, over 100 million payments of $ 1,400 arrived in people’s bank accounts,” he added “. and many millions more are on the way. ” These are direct payments approved with the 1.9 trillion Covid aid plan.

Biden and China-US relations

Speaking of Chinese leader Xi Jinping, Biden called him “undemocratic but intelligent”, stating that the two countries want to maintain competition, not conflict and that, with him as president, Beijing will never take the place of global leader to which aspires.

Afghanistan, Biden: “Difficult US withdrawal by 1 May”

Joe Biden considers it “difficult” to meet the May 1 deadline for the withdrawal of US troops from Afghanistan, but excluding that the US will still have much left. “We will leave, I don’t want to stay long, the question is when,” he said, judging it unlikely that they will stay next year.


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