Biden warned Putin, the loss of pollock miners. The main thing for the night – RBC

Potential Russian invasion of Ukraine will lead to “unprecedented” US sanctions, the Central Bank will tighten the anti-money laundering law, how much Russia has lost in a year of restrictions on the export of pollock to China – in the RBC review

Biden saw the consequences for the world and Russia in the event of an invasion of Ukraine

If Russia invades Ukraine, this step will have serious consequences for the world, US President Joe Biden said at a press conference. According to him, if Russian President Vladimir Putin makes such a decision, it will be “the most serious event” since the Second World War.

  • In this case, Washington is ready to go for never-before-seen sanctions by making it so that Russian banks could not conduct transactions with dollars, Biden said. At the same time, he believes that Putin does not want war with the West, and therefore has not made a final decision on actions against Ukraine.
  • Ukraine, according to Biden, is unlikely to join NATO in the near future anyway, as the country has to do “a lot of work in the field of democracy” and in other areas.

The Central Bank proposed to expand restrictions for the heads of companies suspected of money laundering

The Central Bank has proposed introducing additional restrictions for company executives who, after the launch of a new anti-money laundering platform, will find themselves in a high-risk, “red” zone. The head of the financial monitoring department of the Central Bank, Ilya Yasinsky, proposed depriving such managers of the right to create new legal entities or become sole executive bodies in companies for three years.


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