Biden’s popularity is waning (but does better than Trump and Clinton) – With a pandemic battle slowing due to slowing vaccination rates and continuing inflation, US President Joe Biden’s popularity in July dropped slightly to 50 %, or 6 percentage points less than 56% in June.

It is the latest detection of the Gallup survey, which offers a figure that deviates significantly from the previous ones and is the lowest since Biden was president. The Gallup poll was done between July 6 and 21 and also finds that 45% of US adults flunking Biden’s performance while 5% have no opinion.

Vaccines slow down

The survey comes at a time when US progress in the fight against coronavirus has stopped, because vaccinations have slowed down and cases have increased. The economic recovery continues, with unemployment declining and stock market values ​​at all-time highs. But the flare-up in prices is making American consumers pay dearly for gas and other goods. Biden has also struggled to deliver on his promise of increased focus on the GOP dialectic, even as negotiations continue on the infrastructure plan in the Senate.

More generally, in his second quarter in office, from April 20 to July 19, Biden averaged 53.3% approval, down from the 56.0% average during the first quarter. Compared to his predecessors, however, Biden holds up well in comparison: he did indeed significantly better than Bill Clinton’s second-quarter average (44.0%) and Donald Trump’s (38.8%) and slightly less well than George W. Bush (55.8% average). Unreachable Barack Obama who in the second quarter of his term reached 62.0%, the only other president to have such a high second quarter average.



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