Biden’s rating in 9 months has fallen more than all US presidents since 1945

by time news

The rating of US President Joe Biden for nine months fell by 11.3 percentage points – from 56% to 44.7%. This is more than previous heads of state since World War II, according to a study by the American Institute of Public Opinion Gallup.

Before Mr. Biden, the strongest drop in the rating in nine months was recorded by Barack Obama (-10.1 pp). Jimmy Carter (1977-1981) fell by 8.9 pp over the same period. Former President Donald Trump fell by 4.4 pp. The ratings of George W. Bush and George W. Bush grew by 13, 1 and 12 pp, respectively.

Gallup explains the drop in Joe Biden’s rating with the incidence of coronavirus, the withdrawal of US troops from Afghanistan, as well as problems in the economy.


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