Big Boss Season 5 This Week’s Nomination List .. Who’s The Next Out?

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With the Big Boss Season 5 show still coming to an end in a few days, the competition is going brisk and spicy. Also on Monday, the first day of each week, the nomination list is ready for next week’s elimination from the Big Boss house.

In that category, this week’s nomination list includes CB, Bhavani, Abhishek Raja, Akshara, Iman Annachi, Varun, Raju, Tamaraichelvi, Abinai and Priyanka.

One of the two, Abinai and Tamara, is most likely to be eliminated from the Big Boss house next week. Because Abin has been the leader of the last week and has escaped the Elimination.

But the chances of escaping as usual are a bit slim as opium, which continues to be on the nomination list, is featured this week.

Fans have also been irritated by the over-blowing of the Lotus Big Boss house. So only one of the opium and lotus is more likely to be eliminated this week.

However in the coming days we will see depending on who is going to be eliminated from the Big Boss house based on the vote people give.

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