Big Boss will enjoy my husband inside as well as outside …. Sanjeev’s wife desires | Preethi has expressed her desire about husband Sanjeev

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Updated: Thursday, November 25, 2021, 16:39 [IST]

Chennai: Following the participation of her husband Sanjeev in the Big Boss show, his wife Preethi has expressed her opinion.

Big Boss enjoys my husband inside as well .. Sanjeev’s wife desires – Video

The iconic couple Preeti and Sanjeev couple are familiar to many.

The videos of him speaking with confusion as to what was going to happen on the Big Boss show have gone viral.

We will not see the Big Boss without the opinion..the advice of the musicianWe will not see the Big Boss without the opinion..the advice of the musician

Sanjeev's entry

Sanjeev’s entry

Sanjeev, who is well known not only on the iconic screen but also on the silver screen, is currently a contestant on the Big Boss show airing on Vijay TV. His entry has shocked everyone. Fans have already repeatedly said that he will attend the event. At present it has taken place. Many are anticipating what kind of change will take place in this show with his entry.

Increasing fan support

Increasing fan support

Not only Sanjeev but also his wife Preeti is a popular actress on the iconic screen. He has acted in many serials till now. In this situation she has made her comments following her husband attending the Big Boss show. Many of his fans have been congratulating him on seeing it. Fans have already opened several fan pages on the social networking site after seeing his entry on the Big Boss show.

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Will Raju be affected ??

Will Raju be affected ??

Many are of the opinion that Vijay’s fans will also support him as he is an ardent friend of Vijay’s. This position has been known to many on the logo screen for many years. Raju, who has already acted as a protagonist on the iconic screen and is currently attending the show, is expected to have more fans as he has more fans. So some fans are questioning whether the arrival of Sanjeevi will affect Raju any more.

Wife's desire

Wife’s desire

Just like how her husband was enjoying him when he was constantly out and about attending the Big Boss show, I was wondering if I should be enjoying him on the Big Boss show as well. But Preeti said she did not know how the caption was going to change. Fans have been giving him a lot of support and comfort after hearing his word. Not only that, he has posted a congratulatory message to Sanjeev on his Instagram ID saying ‘I love my boss’. Following this, his fans have been congratulating him.

English summary

Sanjeev’s wife has expressed her desire to be enjoying Bigg Boss.

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