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Actress Yashika Anand has been admitted to hospital with serious injuries in a car accident near Mamallapuram in Chennai a few months back. A woman named Valli Shetty Bhavani was killed in the accident. Also, a case was filed against Yashika. Yashika, who was involved in the accident, underwent surgery for multiple fractures. Yashika, who posted about her health, suffered several fractures in her pelvis.

Yashika, who also posted about her physical condition, suffered multiple fractures in her pelvis. Fracture of the leg. I am retiring after surgery. I will not be able to stand or walk for the next 5 months. So everything is in bed, including natural disasters. Location, crawl can not even return. He was saying that my back was badly injured.

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Yashika, who is returning home after surgery at the hospital, is recovering a little. Yashika often posts about her condition on her social media page. In that sense he was posting a video of himself getting up for the first time after the accident and claiming to be taking his first steps as a child 95 days ago.

Yashika is back to her old self in such a situation. He came to the opening ceremony of a shop in Chennai yesterday in good health. He had difficulty walking and was walking with a walking stick in his hand. But for the past few days he has been walking normally without a walking stick on the planetarium of his new home. Watch that video for yourself.

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