Big Breaking Actor Ajith’s Father Passed Away In Chennai | Actor Ajith’s Father Passed Away: Actor Ajith’s father passed away – CM condoles!

Big Breaking Actor Ajith’s Father Passed Away In Chennai |  Actor Ajith’s Father Passed Away: Actor Ajith’s father passed away – CM condoles!

Actor Ajith’s Father Passed Away: Actor Ajith Kumar lives with his mother, father, wife and children at East Coast Road, Chennai. In this case, Ajith’s father Subramaniam (85) passed away. It is reported that he died at 4:30 am today after suffering from paralysis for the past few years.

Reported by Ajith

In this regard, actor Ajith Kumar’s manager Suresh Chandra has released a statement on his Twitter page. Ajith Kumar, his elder brother Anup Kumar and younger brother Anil Kumar said in the statement, “Our father PS Mani (85) was bedridden for several days and passed away in his sleep early this morning.

We are indebted to all the doctors who have supported our family with love and care for our father who was suffering from stroke for the past four years.

Our father has been with our mother for about sixty years. He was living a good life with dedication. In this time of grief, many people have called us on phone, mobile or texted us to inquire about the news of our father’s death and to console our families.

We hope you will understand our inability to answer your call or reply in the current environment. We consider our father’s funeral to be a family affair. Therefore, we pray that all who know the news of this death understand our grief and loss and cooperate with the family to observe the mourning and perform the last rites in a private way.”

Tribute to Udayanidhi

It is reported that he died at his home, living in East Coast Road, Engambakkam area. Subsequently, Youth Welfare and Sports Minister Udhayanidhi Stalin and Sozhinganallur DMK MLA Arvind Ramesh came to pay respects to actor Ajithkumar’s father Subramaniam.

Chief Minister condolence

Chief Minister M. K. Stalin has condoled the death of actor Ajith Kumar’s father. In this regard, the Chief Minister said on his official Twitter page, “I am saddened to hear the news of the death of actor Ajith Kumar’s father Subramaniam due to ill health. My deepest condolences to Ajith Kumar who is suffering from the loss of his father.”

It is reported that the celebrities will continue to come. As a result, more than 10 policemen under the leadership of Nilangarai Police Inspector Mahesh Kumar are engaged in security work. It is also said that his body will be cremated at Besant Nagar Min Mayan today at 10.30 am.

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