Big C opens Weixin Mini Program online store Expand customer base in China

Tencent Thailand show success ‘Big C’ Entering the e-commerce market in China by opening an online store on the platform “Weixin Mini Program” (Weixin Mini Program) to expand base and connect customers in China

In the past 2 years, Mini Program has seen a huge growth in users. Especially in the Southeast Asia region, the number of stores has surged more than 10 times, reflecting the rapid growth of international e-commerce. and accelerating the digital transformation of the retail business

the prominence of Weixin Mini Program are as follows

  1. The cost of opening a shop is notExpensive, no commission or fees
  2. It’s a platform that delivers experiences.seamless shopping Able to trade, talk, pay and receive after-sales service.within one app
  3. All services in one place, covering both Official Account and Mini Program including a community that helps peopleTrade can maintain an old customer base and build Brand Royalty effectively
  4. The product list is flexible.and variety, unlimited number of categories

At the same time, the customer relations teamcan talk and givepersonalization throughWeCom ‘ which is a communication toolDeveloped by Tencent to be able to connect and workwith the app Weixin by being able to joinBig C’s chat in WeCom through scanning the QR code to receive consulting servicesProduct location or related information after sales service including discount coupons


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