Big Offer Discount Refrigerator On Flipkart | Refrigerator Offer: A refrigerator worth Rs.14,000 can be bought for Rs.2,490

Refrigerator Offer in Flipkart: A refrigerator is an electronic item that is needed in winters and summers. However, if you buy refrigerators in winter, you can buy them at cheaper prices. There is a difference in selling price during winter season than summer season. That’s why single door refrigerators are available at huge discounts these days. 2,490 on e-commerce site Flipkart and get Rs. 14,000 and can buy a fridge worth more than Rs. You may be wondering how. Let’s find out..

Whirlpool 190 L Refrigerator
The Whirlpool 190 liter single door fridge is priced at Rs 20,850 on Flipkart. It will be available at Rs 14,490 after 30 percent discount. At the same time, there is an exchange offer. If you have an old fridge, you can give it away and save up to Rs.12,000. Because of this, buying a 4-star refrigerator costs only Rs.2,490.

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Haier 195 L Refrigerator
Haier 195L Direct Cool Single Door 4 Star Rated Refrigerator is priced at Rs.18,400. But this refrigerator is available at Rs 14,690 after 20 percent discount. You get Rs.12,000 more on this fridge with the exchange offer. Due to this, the price of this fridge will be Rs.2,690. If you prefer, you can also buy this refrigerator on monthly installments of Rs 1,633.

Samsung 192 L Refrigerator
Samsung’s 192 liter single door fridge is priced at Rs 16,990. It is available at Rs 14,790 with a discount of 12%. Apart from this, you can get a discount of up to Rs.12,000 on the exchange offer. Due to this, it is available for Rs.2,790. Samsung provides 1 year warranty and 10 years warranty for the compressor when you buy this refrigerator.

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