BIGG BOSS eviction tamil vote bigg boss 5 tamil sunday eviction: பிக்பாஸ் எவிக்ஷன்: இந்த வாரம் வெளியேறப்போவது இவர் தானாம்!

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Who is going to leave the Big Boss house this week? This week 6 people have been nominated for Elimination.

The hugely popular reality show Big Boss has been running successfully for over 55 days. The ongoing Big Boss Season 5 kicked off last October 3rd. Like the 4 seasons of Big Boss, this season was hosted by World Leader Kamal Haasan in a very lively and interesting manner. Big Boss will be building shows as his upcoming episodes on Saturdays and Sundays of the week will cover many panchayats. Corona exposure was confirmed for Kamal, who recently returned from a trip abroad.

Following this, popular actress Ramya Krishnan is said to be hosting this week’s show as she has been admitted to the hospital for treatment. However is this conclusive information? Is unknown. Meanwhile, this Big Boss season, which started with 18 contestants, usually has one contestant eliminated each week and Big Boss leaving the house. Transgender Namitha Marimuthu, who had been participating in the game before the Elimination started, abruptly left and caused a stir.

Then in the following weeks Nadia Sang, Abhishek Raja, Chinnaponnu, Surudi, Madhumita and Isaivani left. Abhishek Raja then re-entered the Big Boss house with a wild card entry. Subsequent dance choreographer Aamir also made an entry into the Big Boss house via wild card. He was followed by Sanjeev Big B, a close friend of popular iconic actor and presenter & Commander Vijay, who entered the house with a wild card. While it is not known who will be hosting this week’s show in response to Kamal, new information has been leaked about who among the already nominated is going to leave the Big Boss house.

Who is the next Big Boss presenter … here is the answer to the question

This week 6 people have been nominated for Elimination. Iman Annachi, Nirupam, Bhavani Reddy, Priyanka Deshpande, Tamara and Ikea Perry have been shortlisted for this week’s elimination list, with Ikea Berry reportedly leaving the Bigg Boss house this week. Of the six people on the list, Tamaraichelvi and Ikea Perry are said to have received the least votes. So of the two, Ikea Perry is the most likely to leave the Big Boss this week, according to reports.

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