Bigg Boss Fame Basheer Bashi Opens Up About His Lucky Number | Bashir Bashi bids for lucky number; The actor said that he got the number by spending tens of thousands

Basheer started talking by saying that today is the day to auction the fancy number 1234. The actor also participated in it online. Every time there is only one person to call the opposite. This time there are two. So be tight about the bidding. The same fancy number was acquired through auctions in 2020 and 2021. This is the third time.

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It is not yet known which train will be launched this time. Anyway, the new car will be delivered before my birthday. Basheer says it was like that the last two times. Basheer had talked about the auction and how he was participating. This time there is tension that if there are some crazy people like me in bidding, it will go up to lakhs. Bashir also says that there is a fear that network problem will come along with it.

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Basheer had doubts that this time there was a chance that the auction would go out of hand. But Mashura believed that we will get this ourselves. And said that. Bashir said that although he was tensed at first, he did not decide to give up. Finally, Basheer won the auction and got the desired number.

The auction started at Rs 15000 and ended at Rs 85000. Thus, his wives also shared the happiness of getting his lucky number for the third time with Basheer.

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Details about the new car will be announced in two days. The actor also said that all the paper work of the new vehicle is clear. This number is my identity. The actor mentioned that many people come to take pictures and talk after knowing the vehicle number. Anyway, everyone is waiting to know the details of Basheer who comes with a new car.


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