Bigg Boss fame Lekshmi priya And Kutty Akhil are performing spadikam movie song Ezhumala poonchola

Now, Riaz, Akhil, Dhanya, Blasley, Ashwin, Sooraj, Lakshmi Priya and Dilsha have come as guests on Asianet’s Start Music. In the round of Aaradhyam Patum, they got the song Ezhimala Poonchola from Sphatikam. Rias answered very quickly.

But it was LP and kid Akhil who gave the opportunity to dance in that song. What Akhil Lakshmi said to Priya at that time is now gaining attention in the social media.

Kid Akhil tells Lakshmi Priya like this: ‘Sister may have spoken angrily as part of the competition in the Bigg Boss house, but that was only part of the game. Sister don’t play this dance with that in mind’, said Akhil.

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Lakshmi Priya said that I didn’t think about all the things in the Bigg Boss house. Since it is a seven-storey poonchola, when it comes to stepping on the back side, sister, don’t step, that’s where the nerves are. Akhil jokes that I am not even married yet.

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Bigg Boss contestants have come to Start Music with humor to make the audience laugh. Kid Akhil was one of the most eagerly awaited contestants in Bigg Boss season 4. Even before the start of the show, the star’s name was in the list of possibilities. Although he didn’t make any big comments at the beginning of the competition, Poke Poke has become one of the strongest contestants in the Bigg Boss house. Akhil is evicted while being the captain.

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‘Kutty Akhil’s real name is Akhil Nair. But Nair is not used now. There were five or six Akhils in the batch he studied. in several initials’.

‘He was friends with senior brothers and they started calling him Kutti in front of his name to identify him. He was the smallest in the group in terms of looks and age. Akhil says that the principal and teachers of the college used to call him Kutti, while to the juniors he was Kuttichettan.


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