Bigg Boss Malayalam Season 2 Fame Arya Opens Up About The Reality Behind The Ongoing Issue The news is about his personal life; Arya wants to stop spreading news on social media

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” Do you know what the current job of some online media is? Over the last few days, some things related to my personal life have been circulating in the news. It’s very bad for me and my close relatives. Sending screenshots of such news and questioning and mocking people is very suffocating. It should be noted that this is a very sensitive issue for everyone. Because these are completely personal things.

I’m always been very open about my life. I know exactly where to put its limit. If I have something to say, I’m going to say it directly. I do not need any other media for that. Please stop with some online portals and other people who find happiness in saying such nonsense.

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It also includes the names of a lot of people. Everyone should understand that we also have a personal life. Please stop what is going on now. Now, if I have anything to say directly, it’s going to be coming directly to you through social media accounts. So now leave us alone … says Arya in a shared letter.

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I thought one thing would pass like the other if I kept quiet. But when things go awry and it affects other people. We all have family and personal lives. So dear ones … please listen to what I have to say, leave us alone … Arya captioned the post.

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