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The background to Meera Mithun’s suicide is currently going viral on social media. Actress Meera Mithun is the controversial heroine of social media. She is not only an actress but also a model. Although the model has acted in a few films, it was the Big Boss show that made her famous. He was a controversial contestant on the show. Also, he continued to do controversial things after the Big Boss show. Not only that, Meeramidun was slandering the people of their list.



Thus, various organizations had lodged a complaint against Meera Mithun with the police. Meera Mithun was arrested and lodged in police custody under seven sections of the Prevention of Torture Act, including incitement to riot. Further, Meera Mithun had filed a petition seeking bail in the case. Meera Mithun was recently released from jail. Miramidun had given a lot of interviews after his release from jail. In it he said, I have experienced the punishment for the sins I have committed.

Controversy over Meera:

Everyone was talking about forgiveness. He then starred in the film We See the Ghost before going to jail. The shooting of this film was recently completed. However, there is a controversy about him on social media. Not only that but the court has left the order that Meera Mithun should be arrested again. In this case, Miramidun has given an interview about the suicide. In it he says,

Interview with Meera Mithun:


I am currently taking treatment at the hospital. I have more and more suicidal thoughts. I’m in a state where I can not live without the stress and the desire to live. So I am taking treatment at the hospital. The main reason for that is society. It was because of them that I was pushed into this situation. I tried to commit suicide thinking that this society would not let me live no matter what I do anymore.


Meera who attempted suicide:

After that they saved me and kept me in the hospital for treatment. No matter how strong I am I don’t know if anyone else would have been so strong if I had encountered the same problems? They keep beating me up though. Now I can not go to work, I can not go to the shooting, there is no income because the court case is wandering. Thus the stress was too much for me. Don’t even include me at home.


Reason for suicide:

I do not know my name. That’s why I made this decision because if I commit suicide the name will come out. Actresses in cinema are praised for dressing up as glamorous. They call me disgusting for what I did. They say that I am the one who is affected by the tradition. Also, they put a case on me about everything I wear. And I’ve been talking angrily recently and putting up a video. But, before that I put up a video of everything talking well.

Mira’s request:

This society will not let me live. I was just talking angrily that nothing was done. My top lawsuits have been going on for almost six years. I will not let you apologize. I have changed my mind to commit suicide due to extreme stress. A lot of actresses have committed suicide. Let them live while they are alive before they say alas, sin is a good girl after they die. Tearful Malka has said that if you do not let me live above this there is nothing but suicide.


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