Bigg Boss Tamil 5: My eye does not come forward … Akshara shouted at the CBI! Bigg Boss Tamil 5 Promo Today

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Choreographer Aamir entered the house as a wild card contestant in the episode that aired yesterday on the 51st day of the Big Boss Season 5 show. Similarly, at the Big Boss house yesterday the first contestants were given a school task called Dude Seeing Times. In it, CB acts as the most strict warden. Apart from him Raju, Abhishek and Aamir are the teachers. CB has been offering the most severe punishments to competitors who are students. To make Priyanka behave like a student who doesn’t even respect it, CB sends her out of the house.

In this case, the first promo was released today, the 52nd day. In it, Akshara is severely angered by the CBI. Akshara asks permission from the CBI to rub her school uniform. CB says whatever needs to be done as soon as possible. Immediately the stern Akshara “How to finish this job so quickly .. Sit on the skull and say there is nothing you can do. Immediately CB stops you from steaming, Akshara and I can do nothing .. Angrily tells you to do whatever you want and goes to the bathroom. And it was placed in the bathroom. He quickly pushes the flowerpot away.

Following this, the 2nd promo which is currently being released is a sequel to the first promo. In it, Akshara went to the room angrily and said, “Tell me if you can not. Are you ready to tell me what you can do?” Akshara replied, “I told you where I could be. Be wise .. or not .. “he asks very angrily. Immediately CB and Raju come to the place. My eye does not come forward. “Immediately CB tries to talk to Raju Akshara to back off.

Still very angry, Akshara says “Raju you go”. Immediately the CBI invites Raju to come with him. But looking at Raju giving a speech to Akshara he says “Overa pannatheenka, enough”. Raju and who will be the overseer in return? Akshara responds angrily that it is you and the CBI to ask that. Immediately Big Boss invites Akshara to the Confession Room. The promo scenes are set as Akshara goes on crying in anger.

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