Bigg Boss: Who will play Bigg Boss? Will Ramya Krishnan replace Kamal Haasan?

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Kochi, First Published Nov 27, 2021, 1:55 PM IST

World star Kamal Haasan is undergoing treatment for Kovid. It was Kamal Haasan himself who reported that Kovid was affected. Doctors said there were no significant health problems. Fans are debating whether Kamal Haasan will appear on the ‘bigg boss’ show or someone else will replace him.

Kamal Haasan is undergoing treatment at Sri Ramachandran Medical Center. It is hoped that Kamal Haasan will be able to return home soon after recovering from his illness. But doctors have reportedly advised her to avoid talking for long periods of time. Kamal Haasan has never missed an episode of ‘Bigg Boss Show’ in Tamil. There are rumors that Kamal Haasan may present the weekend episode of ‘Bigg Boss’ through a video call this time. But in the absence of Kamal Haasan, it is reported that Ramya Krishnan may be the presenter of ‘Bigg Boss’. According to reports circulating on social media, Ramya Krishnan’s acquaintance who once played ‘Bigg Boss’ to replace Nagarjuna will help.

Ramya Krishnan replaced Nagarjuna in the Telugu episode of ‘Bigg Boss’. Ramya Krishna may also know the rules of ‘Bigg Boss’ show. It has not been officially announced that Ramya Krishnan will replace Kamal Haasan in the Bigg Boss show. Ramya Krishnan has not yet commented on the matter.

Kamal Haasan is one of the most popular presenters of ‘Bigg Boss Show’. Kamal Haasan was once a guest on the Malayalam episode of ‘Bigg Boss’ show. Kamal Haasan is a presenter who has succeeded in making ‘Bigg Boss’ a lot of fun. ‘Big Boss. Fans on social media are demanding that Kamal Haasan present the show himself.

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