BiggBoss 5: The only male competitor to ever leave the Bigg Boss house! Abhishek eliminated twice !!

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Chennai, First Published Dec 6, 2021, 9:17 AM IST

So far, most of the female contestants from the Bigg Boss show have been eliminated like Namitha Marimuthu, Nadia Sang, Chinna Baba, Surudi, Madhumita, Musician, Ikea Perry. Fans are pointing out that Abhishek was the first outfielder to make a wild card entry after this.

Meanwhile, Abhishek, who was upset by Housemate’s complaints about him, had said that he would not waste the beggarly wild card entry made by the people.

Then there was Abhishek’s name in last week’s nomination for Avicenna. Due to this Abhishek expressed his hard work at the Bigg Boss house. Yet the public eye does not seem to have slipped on Abhishek.

bigg boss elimination

Raju Save became the first in yesterday’s episode and Priyanka Save became the second. Bhavani was third, Sibi fourth, Tamarai next, Iman Annachi and Akshara respectively. This will allow fans outside of the Big Boss housemates to clearly know the support inside as well.

In the last three places were Abhishek Raja, Varun and Abhinay. This time Kamal used the breaking news format to announce the eviction. Abhishek Raja is out this week too. This makes Abhishek the only male contestant to ever leave the Bigg Boss season.

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