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A video of Raju Jayamohan, the title winner of the Bigg Boss show, going viral has gone viral on websites.

It is noteworthy that Raju was announced as the title winner of the Big Boss Season 5 show as it was known a few weeks ago that Raju was the title winner and was given a prize of Rs 50 lakh.

In this situation, Raju’s interviews and his news have been going viral on the internet for the last few days and recently a dance video of Raju playing a camel has gone viral. In this video, Raju Cema dances to the popular Ghanaian song Torattadaiya. He is accompanied by many others including Aamir and Nadia Chang. There is also a scene where he watched Raju’s game and took a video of Tamaraiselvi on his mobile phone.

Netizens are commenting that Bigg Boss Raju already has various talents as a screenwriter, assistant director, actor, singer, mimicry artist and now he is confirmed as a good dancer by this video.

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