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Today’s second promo features Akshara Punishment for all four, including CB, as the Big Boss show is currently in full swing.

It is learned that on this week’s Luxury Budget Task ‘on the Big Boss show, CB had said that Akshara had to admit 5 screws in the task’ Dude Seeing Times’ and this caused a problem between both CB and Akshara.

In this situation Ramya Krishnan says that in today’s next promo Warden CB and teachers Abhishek, Raju and Aamir will all have to surrender five screws to him. But Raju, Sibi, Abhishek and Aamir say they do not know Thirukural and accept the punishment.

Ask Ramya Krishnan Akshara what punishment can be given to the four after this and ask all four to go out today, Akshara says that is the punishment. According to Thirukkural, Akshara seems to have used the perfect opportunity to avenge not only the CBI who had punished her but also the four of them.


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