Biggboss Tamil Season 6 Title Winner Azeem Contributing Half of Price Amount to Covid Victim Children | That mind is there… Aseem donated the money he won in Bigg Boss

Biggboss Season 6 Winner Azeem: Last October on private Tamil TV. Bigg Boss Season 6 which started on 9th Jan. Completed on 22nd. A total of 21 contestants participated in the 106-day competition. With Shivin, Vikraman and Aseem competing for the final three spots, Aseem was declared the winner of this season. Vikraman came second and Shivin third.

As usual, the winners were said to be chosen based on public votes. Subsequently, the winner Azeem was awarded a prize money of Rs 50 lakh. This series was also hosted by actor Kamal Haasan.

In this, his fans and supporters are commenting on the internet that even though many accusations have been made against Asim, his success has declared that the people’s support has been overwhelming for him. Aseem’s victory was celebrated by many.

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In this case, Aseem, who is the title winner of Bigg Boss season 6, released a video on his Twitter page today. In it, he said that he will donate half of his prize money, i.e. 25 lakh rupees, to the students who have lost their parents due to corona virus for their education expenses. Earlier, he had said that if he wins Bigg Boss, he will donate half of his prize money to students affected by Corona.

Following that, he has now issued this announcement. And in that post, “As I said, I am going to give half of the prize money, 25 lakh rupees, to the education of children who have lost their parents due to Corona.

This is my initial step in giving back to the community the love you have given me. I will forever be grateful to all of you.”

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