Bihar | Collector who spoke harshly to the student who asked for sanitary napkin: Strong condemnation Bihar officer lands in trouble now regrets over sanitary napkin

Patna: Bihar’s district collector has apologized after being criticized for speaking harshly to a schoolgirl who asked the government for sanitary napkins.

District Collector Harjot Kaur attended an event in Bihar’s Patna on Tuesday. A schoolgirl asked him, “Government should provide us with sanitary napkins at low cost.”

IAS officer Harjot replied, “The government has already provided uniforms and allowances. Now you will ask for jeans, even contraceptives,” he replied.

Riya Kumar, a student who appealed to the Collector, told the media, “There is nothing wrong with my question. It’s no big deal. I can afford sanitary napkins. But economically backward students cannot afford it. I made this request on their behalf,” he said.

Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar has said that action will be taken against the collector concerned after the matter exploded. In this context, IAS officer Harjot Kaur has said that he is sorry if his comment has offended women.


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