Bikini photo fan … Do you know what Malavika Mohanan did in response? | Malavika Mohanan’s smart reply to fan who asked her bikini photo

Master heroine Malavika

Malavika, who became the top heroine in Tamil after the master film, held a sexy photoshoot on Instagram and made everyone shine. Later, Malavika got a chance to act in Dhanush starrer Maran. In which he played the role of a journalist.

There is no film opportunity in Tamil

There is no film opportunity in Tamil

Maran’s film was released on ODT and became a huge failure. Many others questioned and harshly criticized how Dhanush agreed to star in a film like this. After Maran, Malavirka did not get any film opportunities in Tamil and is currently acting in only one film in Hindi, Yudra.

Music video that captures the likes

Music video that captures the likes

Malvika is currently starring in the Tauba music video. Audi is dressed in bed and dancing sexy. This music video was released today. This video has received almost 3 million views so far. Fans have been praising Malavika’s dance in this.

Malavika responding to fans

Malavika responding to fans

Meanwhile, Malavika spoke to fans on Twitter via Asking Malavika. He responded to many interesting information asked by the fans. Very jokingly, Malavika also answered the questions of the entertaining fans lively. Malavika also released a video showing different facial expressions for the fans to hear.

Malavika's response to a bikini fan

Malavika’s response to a bikini fan

One of the fans asked me to post your bikini photo. Malvika responded with a photo. In response to a fan asking for a bikini photo, she posted a photo of herself angrily sitting with her hand on her cheek. Likes are accumulating for this response of Malavika. The person who asked for the bikini photo is being scolded by the ardent fans of Malavika.


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