Bill Clinton: “Putin wants 19th-century world domination”

Former United States President Bill Clinton today (Tuesday) referred to the war in Ukraine and said: “We have made great progress with Ukraine, but Putin wants world control in the style of the 19th century.”

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“I dealt a lot with relations with Russia, with Yeltsin,” Clinton added. “He wanted to bring Russian soldiers home. It was important for him to preserve the dignity of the former states in the Soviet Union.” Clinton added that Ukraine has given up its nuclear program to maintain territorial integrity, adding: “The more dangerous the world, the more nuclear states there are.”

Clinton made the remarks at the final event of the Aviram Awards – Tech for Humanity competition, which is being held today in Dubai to identify projects from two realities in the Middle East, in which he participated through Zoom. Clinton referred to the economic cooperation between Israel and its neighbors and said that “the ventures promote peace. The Abrahamic agreements create a place not only for governments to cooperate.”

“For so many years politics and economics in the Middle East have been separate,” Clinton said, “and now we see ventures as a platform for advancing peace. Despite disagreements between countries, we now have more common denominators thanks to economic cooperation.”


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