Bill Gates’ predictions about Artificial Intelligence

Bill Gates’ predictions about Artificial Intelligence

2023-05-26 20:21:10

The artificial intelligence seems to have come to stay in this 21st century, proposing a series of debates and discussions about what its current applications are being and what its future applications could be, because although it entails a series of advantages, it also entails a series of risks, above all Apparently in the workplace.

Bill Gatesthe new founder of Microsoft, He is very clear about it and has put it on the table. “The age of artificial intelligence is full of opportunities and responsibilities. They are in our future and they might be able to set their own targets, and we need to be cautious to get the most out of it and to protect ourselves from risks and extend its benefits to as many people as possible,” he says.

One of the dangers he refers to is that many teachers, proofreaders, writers, court or administrative stenographers, and designers could be replaced in their jobs. jobs for this new technology.

For his part, according to what they write in the newspaper El Periódico, the vice president of Microsoft, Jason Wildhas predicted that “in a few years one in four jobs will be automated and has advanced that in his company it is expected that all jobs will have an artificial intelligence co-pilot”.

In addition, in his statements he cited Gateswho affirms that with this type of change “companies will distinguish themselves by how well they use artificial intelligence and, therefore, Microsoft’s mission is to use all the tools at its disposal so that people succeed and customers grow” .

However, it is still not clear if this will really happen and what is expected is that this new tool will be taken into account precisely as a tool and not as an invader.

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