Bill Gates Predicts COVID-19 Pandemic Easing To Seasonal Flu Level

Coronavirus mortality and morbidity rates may fall below seasonal flu by mid-2022, Microsoft CEO Bill Gates said at an economic forum in Singapore.

“Mortality and morbidity rates should go down quite dramatically,” said Gates, who and his wife lead a $ 50 billion charitable foundation.

According to the businessman, however, this can only happen if new, more dangerous strains of the coronavirus are not discovered. Natural and vaccine immunities, as well as new oral drug developments, will improve the situation, Gates said. He predicts that the vaccine supply problems will be resolved by the middle of next year, with only “logistics and demand” constraints remaining.

The day before, the Kremlin could not name the expected end of the pandemic. “There is no end or end in sight,” Dmitry Peskov, the press secretary of the Russian President, described the situation. This week, Rospotrebnadzor extended the sanitary and epidemiological rules for the prevention of coronavirus in the country until 2024.

On November 18, the anti-coronavirus mortality record was recorded in Russia for the second day in a row. Over the past day, 1,251 people have died from the virus (in total, since the beginning of the pandemic, 260,335 people). Also, 37,374 cases of infection were detected in the country per day, the number of registered cases for the entire period exceeded 9.2 million, 7.9 million patients were cured of COVID-19.



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