Billions of debts will be written off to Russians without trial

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The debts of Russian citizens for more than 1.6 billion rubles will be written off within the framework of the extrajudicial bankruptcy mechanism. As the Deputy Minister of Economic Development Ilya Torosov told Izvestia, 12 thousand applications were received in the first year of the implementation of the simplified bankruptcy procedure.

Out of them, 5 thousand applications were initiated by an extrajudicial bankruptcy procedure. At the moment, it has been completed with respect to 2.5 thousand citizens.

Torosov believes that a new institution of bankruptcy has successfully developed in Russia.

It is noted that soon the Russians will be able to apply online, through the portal “Gosuslugi”. The Ministry of Economic Development has already developed a corresponding draft law. The authorities also want to make a number of changes to the procedure.


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