Bio Honey has been able to express a protein from a civilized royal food – and is taking off on the stock market

Bio Honey, which works to develop cultured honey, under the management of Ofir Dbesh, has made significant progress and has been able to express cultured royal jelly protein in its laboratories. As a result, the company’s share (traded at a value of NIS 100 million), which is controlled by Adi Zim, jumps by 19%.

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Royal jelly protein is an ingredient found in pure honey derived from bees. This protein has extensive uses per person in the food, medicine and cosmetics industries.

Studies also attribute to the protein a wide range of pharmacological activities in human medicine such as wound healing, antibacterial and antifungal activity, reduction of cholesterol levels, reduction of blood sugar levels, anti-cancer activity, vasodilation, reduction of hypertension and increased activity of the immune system .

Ability to express cultured royal jelly protein, without the use of bees, is another significant milestone in the development of cultured honey as well as a consumer product in its own right. In the company’s opinion, among the advantages of this technological development – the production of royal protein using the company’s technology may enable the production of commercial quantities from a product that is naturally produced by the bees in the wild in small quantities.

In addition, there is a future possibility for the commercialization of cultured royal jelly protein as a consumer product, with royal jelly protein being a super-food. Another advantage is that the production method used by the company enables the production of a protein that will not contain residues of pesticides, toxins and antibiotics. The company also estimates that royal jelly protein developed by the company will be used as a raw material in the honey manufacturing industry and in other industries such as the cosmetics and pharma industry.



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