The Novaport holding of entrepreneur Roman Trotsenko will begin testing biometric equipment at the holding’s airports by the end of this year, Trotsenko himself told reporters.

“By the end of the year (let’s start testing). We will start from the Tolmachevo airport (Novosibirsk), ”he answered the relevant question. In addition to Tolmachevo, the holding includes 17 airports – Mineralnye Vody, Kaliningrad, Tyumen, Chelyabinsk, Perm, Volgograd, Astrakhan, Murmansk and others.

According to Novaport’s estimates, the introduction of equipment for biometric identification of passengers will cost “about 1.5 billion rubles.” “In the long run, this is a very positive innovation. It is important that all standards are now adopted, ”added Trotsenko.

It became known yesterday that the Moscow Sheremetyevo airport will conduct a similar experiment to identify passengers by face when boarding a plane in September this year. This was reported by TIme with reference to a copy of the working version of the action plan for the implementation of the project. The authenticity of the document was confirmed by three sources familiar with the details of the discussion. Two of them reported that the document is being discussed and has not yet been approved.

Biometrics will be tested at Sheremetyevo on Aeroflot passengers. According to Mikhail Demin, a representative of the company, a biometric turnstile with a camera will be installed at the gate, which will identify a person’s identity. When boarding a plane, he will not need to present his boarding pass and passport: the system will automatically check whether the person is a passenger on this flight and whether he has passed the security check. A representative of Sheremetyevo said that an identification system will also be installed at the entrance to the inspection zone.


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