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In two villages of the Tyumen region, an emergency regime was introduced due to the outbreak of bird flu at the large poultry farm “Borovskaya”. The birds and eggs seized at the enterprise will be burned. Moreover, experts will confiscate and destroy poultry from the population, whose houses have fallen into the quarantine zone. The authorities promised citizens to compensate for the damage.

The emergency regime in the villages of Borovsky and Andreevsky was introduced by the authorities of the Tyumen district on the evening of October 16, follows from a message on the administration’s website. This was done due to the bird flu quarantine, which has been operating since October 13 at one of the largest state-owned poultry farms in the region, Borovskaya.

Experts have identified the focus of the virus – these are ten buildings of the production workshop No. 3. All products are withdrawn from there and will be burned (volumes not specified).

According to the general director of the poultry farm Yevgeny Nesvat, the livestock of production and growing workshops will be destroyed. As of September 1, the total bird population at Borovskaya exceeded 4.4 million.

Mr. Nesvat said that now about 200 employees of the poultry farm are accommodated in the workshops: “They are provided with beds, folding beds, bed linen. Three meals a day are organized. Now, based on the rate of disposal, the issue of watch is being resolved. The poultry farm has its own medical service. Previously, people were vaccinated in polyclinic №19. For prevention, antiviral drugs were given to the workers. ” After the poultry has been removed, the room will be completely disinfected three times. Then the collection of tests will be carried out, after which a decision will be made to lift the quarantine.

According to Deputy Governor Vladimir Cheymetov, the destruction of the poultry farm’s products will not lead to a shortage of them, since the region produces more products than it consumes.

Thus, the factories of the region produce 1.5 billion eggs annually. Moreover, 70% of products are exported to other regions of the country. “There is no particular threat to the population – the shop is isolated, fenced with checkpoints,” said Roman Zverev, deputy head of the Tyumen region veterinary department. According to him, the quarantine will be lifted 21 days after the slaughter of the last poultry within a potentially dangerous zone – 6 km from the poultry farm. About 30 more villages and villages located 14 km from the borders of the poultry farm fell into the surveillance zone. Poultry farms “Pyshminskaya” and “Tyumensky broiler” are located there. In total, since the beginning of October, it became known about the introduction of quarantine in the villages of five districts of the region.

Since Saturday, a commission of representatives of the veterinary service, police, administration of the Tyumen region has been seizing poultry (chickens, geese, ducks, etc.) from the population, whose houses fell within the radius of the threatened zone. “The seizure procedure is strictly regulated, a commission act on the seizure is drawn up, the bird is necessarily weighed, and the citizens are paid the damage,” said Vadim Shultz, head of the veterinary department of the Tyumen region. Last fall, after outbreaks of bird flu were identified in four districts in the region, the regional authorities developed a bill to compensate the cost of poultry to owners of private farms and businesses. The amount of compensation is determined on the basis of an independent assessment of the market value of the bird. Last year, individuals were paid 162.2 rubles. per 1 kg of chicken live weight. In total, more than 7.4 thousand birds were seized from households in 2020. The total amount of funds allocated for payments amounted to more than 15 million rubles.

According to Roman Zverev, the elimination of the outbreak of bird flu is under control.

“Avian flu is not a new disease, it is widespread in the countries of Central Asia. Its carrier is a wild waterfowl, it is a natural reservoir of this disease, it migrates, therefore we periodically record bird flu both in the territory of the Russian Federation and in neighboring countries, ”said Mr. Zverev.

Doctor of Agricultural Sciences, Director of JSC “Tyumen Broiler” Oksana Velichko clarified that the poultry farms of the Tyumen region operate on the principle of closed-type enterprises. “Due to the outbreak of avian influenza, the activities that we carry out at our production sites related to safety have been intensified many times over. This applies to processing: roads, poultry houses, transport; rules of conduct for personnel. All poultry farms are interested in preventing the spread of the poultry virus on their territory. The products of the Tyumen factories are safe for consumption, ”she said.

Tatiana Drogaeva, Yekaterinburg



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