Bitch, did you get the recognition you deserved ?: Balachandra Menon

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Actor and director Balachandra Menon pays homage to late lyricist Bichu Thirumala. His memoir sharing an old picture with Bichu has already caught my attention. Balachandra Menon’s post describing his association with Bichu Thirumala. He says the bitch was a magician in songwriting but is skeptical of getting the recognition he deserves.

Balachandra Menon’s post:

The lyricist of my first film ‘Uthratharathri’ … that is, my early amaranth in cinema.

(Jayavijaya-Music) In ‘Aniyathavalakal’ which made me a popular director. A genius who gifted ‘a peacock peal’ to music lovers.

Bitch also owns the lyrics that I first sang for the film through my first production project, ‘A Painkilikkatha’.

Sargadhanan, who made ‘Kalindi Theeram’ through ‘April 18’, one of the most popular movies of all time. Why, in ‘Chiriyo Chiri’, which started Rabindra Sangeet ‘ The last days I gathered for my favorite film ‘Krishna Gopal Krishna’ in my music composition. Some scattered thoughts that went through my mind when I heard this annoying news in the morning.

Bitch, you’re a minister who spells letters. But I and many others like me can not be blamed if they have doubts as to whether you have received the recognition you deserve.

Through her popular songs, Bichu will always be active in the minds of Malayalee music lovers. I wish eternal peace to the soul of my elder brother, who only addresses me as ‘Menavane’ in the film.


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