BJP alliance ..? There is no chance of that happening.. Do you know what Stalin said when he slapped his forehead..?

After Prime Minister Modi’s visit to Chennai, there was talk of DMK and BJP forming an alliance in Tamil Nadu.


Tamil Nadu, First Published Jul 30, 2022, 2:41 PM IST

Chief Minister Stalin participated in a seminar titled “India-75” organized by Malayalam Manorama News in Thrissur, Kerala today. He said then, “This is not an electoral alliance. A principled alliance. Our alliance continues to be healthy. The Chief Minister said that this will continue. After the Prime Minister’s visit to Chennai, there was talk that DMK and BJP might form an alliance in Tamil Nadu, and the Chief Minister said this in response to that.

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The central government is trying to run a government side by side in the states with governors. It is in the midst of all these challenges that we have to rule. He spoke about state autonomy saying that we should not give space to some bad forces to take over us. Continuing, he said that India is a country where people can speak different languages. A single language cannot be the national language, the official language or the official language. But other languages ​​will be affected. He said that it will be destroyed with time.

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Taking away all the rights granted by the political system created after the freedom that was fought for is very wrong. He said that it is my opinion that the martyrs of India’s freedom struggle can be betrayed. Moreover, GST has taken away the independence of the state’s financial resources. Even if the GST is to be disbursed to the states, it is not reaching the states on time. Medical education has become an octogenarian for people oppressed by entrance exams like NEET. Stalin denounced NEET as an anti-people policy.

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