BJP clean sweeps Tripura civic polls; Trinamool emerges strong- Dinamani

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BJP vice-president Rajiv with supporters

The BJP has won the Tripura local body elections on November 25. The Trinamool Congress has emerged as a strong force.

In Tripura, polling was held on Thursday for 14 urban local bodies, including Agartala Corporation, 7 municipalities and 6 urban panchayats. In Agartala, BJP candidates were declared uncontested in 112 seats (34 per cent) out of a total of 334 seats and in 19 seats in other urban wards.

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In this case, the votes were counted today (Sunday) and the results were announced.

The BJP has won 165 of the 171 seats in 7 municipalities and 6 urban panchayats. The BJP has won all the 51 seats in the Agartala constituency. The main opposition Marxist Communist Party won 3 seats and the Trinamool won 1 seat.

According to Election Commission officials, the Trinamool Congress is second with 20 percent of the vote in 27 of the 51 politically important constituencies in Agartala.

The parties claim that the BJP has won a landslide victory amid various conspiracies. The party claims that this is a major victory for the Trinamool Congress ahead of the 2023 assembly elections.

The BJP’s national leader J.P. Natta, Prime Minister Narendra Modi and others congratulated.


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