BJP doing Dynasty politics all over India: DMK- Dinamani

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The BJP, which has been doing succession politics across the country, is ashamed to say that succession politics is about the DMK rule elected by the people. Bharti said.

BJP national leader J.P. Natta, the heir apparent, had criticized the DMK for being a party with family politics and that the DMK and corruption were two sides of the same coin.

In response, R.S. Bharti has issued a statement.

“It is astonishing to see the DMK regime being diverted from recruiting former legislators from its own coalition party — fearing that the coalition will go without in the local government elections, honestly and only for the benefit of the people.

The BJP, which has been creating successors – making them members of the legislature – parliament – and doing succession politics across the country. It is a disgrace to call our party-elected government “successor politics”. Sin- I do not understand what he is doing to do politics in Tamil Nadu. He has leveled such accusations on the pretext that the people of Tamil Nadu have voted for the DMK and kept him in power, no matter how false the propaganda is.

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JP has tried to teach the DMK a lesson about “administration” by keeping the AIADMK close, which has been undermining the state administration for ten years and blocking the progress of Tamil Nadu as corruption and administrative corruption. Natta. The great victory of the people of Tamil Nadu in the 2021 Assembly elections for the DMK is a sign of how much progress Tamil Nadu has made during the DMK rule. It should feel nutty.

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Chief Minister M.K. Stalin only. Such a Chief Minister of the BJP. It is sad that Eno Natta has conveniently forgotten that he is not in the ruling states. So Natta speaks with the political zealotry of seeing the DMK regime with a chief minister who runs for the voice of the people of Tamil Nadu by providing good governance – whether to cover up the dirt behind his party – or the DMK’s support and struggles from the very beginning of the peasants’ struggle and the resolutions passed in the legislature when it came to power. I do not understand whether it is possible that the cause has been established. Therefore, I urge Natta to stop unpacking “bundles of lies” when they come to political ceremonies, “said RS Bharathi.


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