BJP in three places including Congress sitting seat; Big breakthrough for Uddhav’s side – Bypolls Results | BJP | Telangana | Bihar

BJP in three places including Congress sitting seat;  Big breakthrough for Uddhav’s side – Bypolls Results |  BJP |  Telangana |  Bihar

New Delhi ∙ In all the 7 constituencies of the 6 states where the assembly by-elections were held, the BJP and the local parties are fighting hard. As the first indications of the results came out, the BJP won three seats. In one place the lead continues. Counting of votes will take place in Maharashtra’s Andheri East, Telangana’s Manugoda, Bihar’s Mokama and Gopalganj, Haryana’s Adampur, Uttar Pradesh’s Gola Gorakhnath and Odisha’s Dhamnagar, where elections were held last Thursday.

Adampur, Haryana’s sitting seat of Congress, was captured by the BJP. After Congress MLA Kuldeep Bishnoi resigned and joined the BJP, the way for elections in Adampur was paved. Kuldeep Bishnoi’s daughter and BJP candidate Bhavya Bishnoi won in Adampur by 16,606 votes. Party candidate Kusumam Devi won the sitting seat of BJP in Gopalganj in Bihar by 1,800 votes.

She retained Gola Gorakhnath, BJP’s sitting seat in Uttar Pradesh. The by-election was held following the death of Gola Gorakhnath BJP MLA Arvind Giri. Arvind Giri’s son Aman Giri was fielded by the BJP, which intensified its campaign and won.


From the counting center in Dhamnagar, Odisha: Image: Twitter: ANI

Their candidate Neelam Devi is leading in RJD’s sitting seat Mokama in Bihar. Former Shiv Sena leader late Ramesh Latke’s wife Rutuja Latke is heading for a big win in Andheri East. Rutuja Latke’s majority increased to 58,875. The BJP candidate was withdrawn from the by-election in Andheri East as the late MLA’s wife was contesting. Rutuja is contesting as a Shiv Sena candidate from the Uddhav wing.

TRS is posing a tough challenge to the BJP in Telangana’s Manugoda. TRS candidate is leading by 2,568 votes after counting of seven rounds of votes. Congress MLA K. Rajagopal Reddy resigned as MLA and joined the BJP, setting the stage for the by-election here. BJP is trying its luck by fielding K.Rajagopal Reddy himself. TRS entered the field with K.Prabhakar Reddy as its leader. Congress candidate is Sravanti Reddy.

In the by-elections following the death of BJP leader Bishnu Charan Sethi in Dhamnagar, Odisha, his son Suryabanshi Sooraj, who came forward for the BJP, increased his lead. The BJP candidate is leading by 4,845 votes over the BJD candidate.

English Summary: BJP Wins 3 Key Elections, Ahead In 1, Close Fight In Telangana


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