BJP-RSS conspiracy to kill prominent figures…exposed!

CHENNAI: BJP-RSS conspiracies to kill personalities have been exposed. In the ‘raid’ operation that took place across the country, the secret documents were caught. Subsequently, information about the background of sporadic attacks has also been revealed. Meanwhile, incidents of petrol bombings took place in three places including Chennai yesterday.
Based on the information provided by the intelligence department, in 93 places in 15 states including Tamil Nadu, Kerala, Karnataka, the houses and offices of the executives of the PFI, the National Intelligence Agency, and the ‘Popular Front of India’. The officials of the Central Enforcement Department conducted a raid on the 22nd of this month. Based on the evidence found in the operation conducted on one day, 106 PFI executives were arrested; 10 people were also arrested in Tamil Nadu.


PFI, STPI organizations are conducting protests across the country including Tamil Nadu to condemn this raid. Bombs filled with kerosene were hurled at the Coimbatore district BJP office and the textile company of the BJP executive on the night of the 22nd night of the NIA raid. As a result, the day before yesterday, attacks were carried out targeting the houses and offices of BJP executives in various parts of Tamil Nadu.
As this has caused a lot of excitement, the police have been alerted all over Tamil Nadu and surveillance work has been intensified. Police held a rally in Coimbatore and warned the rioters. However, yesterday also in various places of Tamil Nadu, attacks were carried out on the houses and offices of the administrators of Hindu organizations.
Meanwhile, the NIA filed a report in the court regarding the raids conducted at the houses and offices of the PFI, STBI and executives across the country. It is said about the information contained in it: BFI is spreading discontent among the people against India by misunderstanding the policies of the government. They have targeted important leaders of a particular community.

PFI encourages youth to join terrorist organizations like Lashkar-e-Taiba, IS, Al-Quwaida etc. The NIA officials said that the list of names of the main administrators of Hindu organisations, maps of their houses and offices, their activity details are all documented and a conspiracy has been planned to kill the main administrators.
In it, the names of many prominent leaders from Tamil Nadu, Kerala and Karnataka are also included. Following that, Union Home Minister Amit Shah and National Security Adviser Ajit Doval held important consultations with NIA officials.


In this case, a petrol bomb was hurled at the house of Thambaram district RSS leader Seetharaman, who lives in Chitlapakkam, Chennai. Cars parked at the house of Dr. Manoj Kumar of BJP in Ramanathapuram were set on fire yesterday. An attack was made on Prabhu Dim, the in-charge of the RSS, physical education department, who is a music and physical education teacher in a private school in Tirupur.
But, those who are actively working in organizational work without highlighting themselves. Attacks have been carried out targeting them, which has shocked the Hindu organizations. Meanwhile, the Enforcement Department said that the PFI organization had collected 120 crore rupees from foreign countries to attack important leaders including Prime Minister Modi. As reported by the side. It is reported that he had planned to attack the Prime Minister in July 2020, but later abandoned the plan.

Advice to the Chief Secretary on law and order situation

After NIA and enforcement officials raided the houses and offices of ‘Popular Front of India’ organization officials, BJP officials’ houses and offices are being raided in various parts of Tamil Nadu; Petrol bombings have also taken place.

In this situation, regarding the law and order situation, the Chief Secretary held a public consultation with all District Collectors, Police S.P.s and officers of various departments yesterday through ‘Video Conference’.
Additional Chief Secretary Home Panindra Reddy, DGP Sailendrababu, Public Sector Secretary Jagannathan, Chennai Police Commissioner Shankar Jiwal, Additional DGP Intelligence Davidson Devasirwadham participated in the meeting at the Secretariat.


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